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My 2009 "Creations"...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scraps ‘n Pieces’ Hello Easter QP

Got this quickpage intended for the easter holiday but got inspired to use it for a new-born baby boy…Jace Andrei.


You can grab the QP at Scraps ‘n Pieces,  wordart from TaylorMade Designs and the other elements from Giggle Theme of Digitreats


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pecheur d’Etoiles QuickPage

Got this nice freebie quickpage at Digital Scrap Designs by Dyoyge



You Rock!!!

My mentor Memorykeeper of Easy Custom Blogs has created a “You Rock” mask and I was inspired to do a layout.  I was planning to make a quickpage incorporating the said mask.  In fact, I  was already given the go signal to offer it as a freebie in my other site but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it. sad0 I can’t figure it out how on earth will I merge the mask in the layout.  And so I just did one to showcase the mask and if you would like to use it in your layouts, please do check out her blog and download the freebie at her site…

Page1 Elements used in the above layout are as follows:

Border from Kaelira’s Digiscraps


Bubble Bath Frame from Scrap It Simply


Playtime Border from Genia Beana Scraps



Friday, March 27, 2009

Joni Gray’s “March ‘09 Favorites” Template

Joni has come up with her second template which she called her “March 2009 – Favorites” and it is just quite fantastic to use.  Just go to her blog to grab the template…

template_march_favorites copyNote:  I used Digital Retouching’s Sweet Lavender Papers and  Bethany’s Fairy Tale wordart…


Sweet Lavender QuickPages

Got this beautiful and awesome quickpages from Digital Retouching.  Her lavender color is so cool in the eyes and the layouts are fantastic.  And if you want to create your own, she has a mini-kit too, so do drop-by now at her site and enjoy her stuffs….

This is her mini-kit…

lavanderkit_500 And her quickpages…

Untitledabc-1 Untitled-1xxxx Untitled-zzzzzzzzzz1


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ChingJP’s Easter QuickPage


Note:  I used Bel Vidotti’s Bear Hug paper and buckle in my layout.

You can grab this timely and awesome quickpage at ChingJP Designs.  Please go and visit her site because she’s got lots of freebies out there and they are all fantastic.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ditters Doodles Template 299

A great template to worked on is Template 299 of Ditters Doodles Presents: Totally Templates

DDTT-Temp299prv Page1


Joni Gray’s First Template

Joni made her first attempt in making templates and the result, as expected,  was fantastic…proof of which can be seen in the preview below:

folderShe made this template after her “great-weekend” in Paris.  And since I haven’t gone to Paris yet sad0  , I used instead the template for my son’s summer activity last year…



Friday, March 20, 2009

Joni’s “Boy Oh Boy” Kit

Joni Gray’s Digiscrap Freebies has again come up with an awesome kit, and this time, as she described it, the mini-kit is something light, summery but yet a little masculine.  Here’s the preview kit…

folderI was able to make three layouts from this mini-kit…

1_825785074l 1_381469113l 1_693522691l

The first two layouts, I am planning to offer them as my first quickpage freebies and the third one, I made it as a cluster frame.  I don’t want to post them as my freebies,  not until I receive her permission to do so.


Weaving Cadres

Another awesome template from Digital Retouching called Weaving Cadres composed of 8 cadres in all,  overlapping with each other.

I made two layouts…

rob2 rob Note:  Wordart downloaded from the following: Fei-Fei’s stuffJodie McNally Designs, WordArtFun and DS LoveMyPet (So sorry, I’ve lost track of this site)


Live, Laugh, Love

If you follow my blogs, then you would have known by now that I am a believer of the phrase Live, Laugh, Love, so its not surprising that I will use this layout from BTA Designs Scraps



Design Your Own CD


This freebie, Create and Design Your Own CD, is still from Digital Retouching.  It consists of five disk templates in png format and one psd file and as always, a tutorial for anyone interested to learn.  

The other elements used in the above layout like the papers and polaroid photos are also from the same site while background papers are from Joni’s Boy Oh Boy Kit.


Cute Mini Kits



I found this site that gives mini-kits and elements with corresponding tutorials on how to go about it.  I haven’t browsed the tutorials so I can’t say anything about it yet but I will get back to it if I find the time.  If you are fond of using polaroid  photos in your scrapbooking, then this site is for you.

The above layouts are from two mini-kits.. Life is Blue Kit and Dress Up a Corkboard… both from Digital Retouching.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eva Kipler Giveaways!!!

Eva Kipler Designs has a “Huge 7-day Freebie Giveaway”…they are quickpages themed Bring Back the 70’s.  The giveaway officially started Monday and will last for 7 days! Each day there will be a new post with a new link to download a set of 2 QuickPages. The download links will ONLY be available for 2 days.

They are now in Day 3 so you can still catch these beautiful layouts!!!   And these are the layouts I made out of those 6 QPs…(wordart from My Family, Photoshop and Me)


23  4 5 6 Page1_0

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You’ve Got to Have These!!!

These Templates 290/293 are from Ditters Doodles Presents:  Totally Templates.  Papers and flower element used in my layout T290 from Flower Scrap’s Everything Nice Kit…wordart in my layoutT293 from Fei-fei’s Stuffs


ABV_edited-1  DDTT-Temp293prv abcd

CNewman_09_March_freebie_600previewaaaProject 365 March Template Giveaway from Fabulous Adventures of Listgirl  while the paper elements from Smirk March Papers of Digitreats…  

This is Sketch 126 of Pencil Lines made by guest designer Roree Rumph…  date wheel from Bon Scrapit Designs.

PencilLines_126 copy def