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My 2009 "Creations"...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

March 2009 Calendars

Hey, tomorrow’s gonna be March…. how time really flies!!!  It’s been 33 days now since I’ve started this blog.  Well, new month,  so new desk calendars… that’s why I checked out and here are some of the freebie calendars that I found.  Not yet too late to get them….

This free March desktop is from Shabby Princess


This March Wallpaper is from Eva Kipler Designs.  She’s got also the same template without photo frames in it.

Page1_0Next in line is from Creative Dreams.  Original color is in the shade of grey…

Page1_2 Another one, this time from Monka Design

Page1_1 And lastly from Digitreats

Page1_10Note:  WordArt used in the desk calendars from My Family, PhotoShop and Me

Well, that’s all for now…. i will post calendar layouts again if there will be new ones that will catch my “attention”…:-)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Heavenly Day


Note:  Matted Framed Cluster from Raspberry Road Designs and heavenly sayings from SpiritUp.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to Templates

One of my favorite sites for freebies is Scrapping with Ikea Goddess.  In here, she posts everyday freebies and their respective sites that caught her attention and is grouped according to templates, quickpages, kits, wordart and other stuffs.  And based on my regular visits to her site, she’s got the perfect eye to see which are really the good stuffs.  So make it a daily habit to check on her blog.  It will definitely keep you busy!!!

And today, I discovered Scrapping with Liz (A Place to Share My Templates and Designs) and downloaded her Template No. 70 ….

70sample and I used it for my son’s pictorial shot…



Shower of Blessings

May you wake…

your spirit refreshed

with love in your heart

to compile…

a bright day with your

sun touched smile…

Page1_0Note:  Cottage Charm Blue Dangle from Raspberry Road Designs and the inspirational wordings from SpiritsUp


Monday, February 23, 2009

Bunny’s Challenge

I’ve already mentioned before that Joni has a new freebie kit called Bunny’s Challenge which has 10 papers and 30 elements with lilac or purple as the dominant color (my favorite!!!).  Take a peek….

folder And this is what I have come up with….(special thanks to Angel for the two QP frames I used here)


hugs  Thanks a lot Joni dear….


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Viva Artistry Template No. 1

ViVa_temp1 preview

Got this wonderful template from Viva Artistry…. and come up with something like this.  I just added some elements as follows:

Sunflower elements like paper, stamp and flower – Just Passing Through’s Michele’s Sunflower Kit

Violet Flowery Paper – Joni’s Bunny Challenge

Digitreats Shout February Theme Papers

Dallien Dusky Lily Elements like the butterflies and ribbon elements



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dusky Lily Kit

You have to get this stunning kit from Dallien… the Dusky Lily Kit.  If you are fond of dark violets, then this one is for you.  I was even inspired to make background layouts out of this kit.  You can see them at my other blog

And here is the preview of her kit, the elements and the papers…

Dallien DL elements previewDallien DL papers previewand here are my layouts….the two being my matching headers for the background layouts I did….



Girly and Dainty Quick Pages

Still on the series of quick pages from the very talented designer Angel of Angelflight Scraps, the following quickpages are on the girly and dainty patterns.  Do drop by her site because she’s got loads of goodies out there and so many themed layouts to choose from…

Pink Passion QP 2


Dots and Checks QP 4


Golden Rod


Pink Plaid QP 1


Precious QP 1



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stunning Layouts

Still can’t get enough of Angelflight Scraps layouts… here are her three eye-dropping ones, the look so very classy and elegant…the colors in particular….

White Diamonds QP 1(Image by pbrian49 on Flicker)

Page1_1Robin QP 1(Image by atomicshark on Flicker)


Hummingbirds QP 1(Hearts Image by Aussiegall on Flicker)


Champagne Letter QP 1



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

“New Look”

I got this two templates, Chugs No. 5 and Butterflies Are Free, from Amanda Thorderson Digital Scrapbook Designs

thora-ButterfliesTemplate_600PV thora-MillcreekTemplate_PV

At first I made a layout for the Chugs Day 5 template….adding the smile wordart of Create with TLC

lunapic-12348594448479But I was so in love with the flower cluster frame that I decided its time to experiment on making a background layout…. and so together with the other elements  of the Butterflies Are Free Kit,  myphotoblog site is now sporting a “New Look”.   The other elements  like the cluster frame used in the header came from JoniGray;  sparkles, leaves and flowers from Dallien’s Yellow Autumn Kit; flowers from Chingjp Designs and the butterfly from Bel Viddotti’s Sunny Day Kit …

This is my first time to create a background layout and I hope you will all like it too….

To all of the designers… much much love and appreciation for their continuous generosity….


Monday, February 16, 2009

Templates from Pencil Lines

I’ve discovered a site which caters mainly in providing templates.  It is called Pencil Lines  (The International Sketch Challenge Blog.  Be Inspired to Create).  The blog is all about using sketches to expand one’s artistic horizons.  It is about thinking outside one’s normal processes to create something wonderful.  They feature guest designers who will contribute that week’s template.  They even encourage their readers to email layouts made because every month, their design team will pick their favorite reader’s layout.  They are now in their Sketch No. 122.  The template I have made is Sketch No. 117 ( I downloaded the template last month and it’s only now that I had the time to use it …)

PencilLines_117 The elements used here like the papers and alphas were taken from Digitreats Smirk Theme.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Project 365 Template

I’m back to using templates….  and I found wonderful three sites that gives awesome templates….

The site,  Just 2 More Things, does not only make creative templates but also “swirl path text” too (really cute).  Although this template was meant  for project 365, I revised it a little to suit my layout.  I only needed four frames instead of the usual seven because I want the partial background to be visible.

Page1_2But if you want the seven-day frame, here’s the preview and do check the site because it is worth visiting… Just 2 More things

J2MT Template 25 (Medium)

This “heart-shaped template is from  Simply Yin ‘s Template No. 92….

yin_template 93

Last is the Project 365 – February template from the Fabulous Adventures of  List Girl which is really “fantabulous” and great-looking template….