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My 2009 "Creations"...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

March 2009 Calendars

Hey, tomorrow’s gonna be March…. how time really flies!!!  It’s been 33 days now since I’ve started this blog.  Well, new month,  so new desk calendars… that’s why I checked out and here are some of the freebie calendars that I found.  Not yet too late to get them….

This free March desktop is from Shabby Princess


This March Wallpaper is from Eva Kipler Designs.  She’s got also the same template without photo frames in it.

Page1_0Next in line is from Creative Dreams.  Original color is in the shade of grey…

Page1_2 Another one, this time from Monka Design

Page1_1 And lastly from Digitreats

Page1_10Note:  WordArt used in the desk calendars from My Family, PhotoShop and Me

Well, that’s all for now…. i will post calendar layouts again if there will be new ones that will catch my “attention”…:-)


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