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My 2009 "Creations"...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beautiful Quick Pages

It’s a “beautiful” day today…. because you know what?  I discovered Angelflight Scraps thru JoniGray’s site.  Angel’s got superb freebies like kits, papers, tags, even tutorials but mostly quick pages…which I will deal with here for the moment…. I grouped the layouts based on color scheme…

Let’s start with the “red” theme in time for the valentine season…


the Famous Rose QP 1 lunapic-123439786332767zzred and black QP 2

lunapic-123440154156317 Miriam’s Red Rose QP 1

the “pink” theme…

lunapic-123439786332767t pink tropic QP 1

lunapic-123439786332767f pink floral QP 2

lunapic-123439786332767h pink passion QP 1

lunapic-123439786332767n rosie elegance QP 2

the “violet” theme…

lunapic-123440154156317zblue shadow box QP 1

lunapic-123439786332767m purple passion QP 3

lunapic-123439786332767pdusk to dawn QP 1


purple elegance QP 4 lunapic-123439786332767twpenny lane QP 4

lunapic-123439786332767wlove you QP 1

lunapic-123439786332767xxpenny lane QP 6

lunapic-123440154156317c love shadow box QP 1

the “off-white” theme…

lunapic-123439786332767gpink roses QP 1

Page1 beauty within QP 1

something “different”…

lunapic-123439786332767e Bon Appetit

and the “green” theme….

lunapic-123439786332767d Ivy QP 1

lunapic-123439786332767b lunapic-123439786332767 lunapic-123439786332767a Sisters QP3, 4 & 5

Yes, indeed “Life is Beautiful”…  Thanks Angel!!!!

Note:  It really is a breeze using Windows Live Writer… so easy to insert all these layouts…:-)



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